Colorful Organic Acrylic

Colorful OrganicColorful Organic 18” x 24” Acrylic on Canvas
Artist – Julie Lundin

As an artist and interior designer my inspiration is …
the wings of a butterfly,
a stained glass window,
the water drops on a leaf,
a castle’s turret,
a rusted hinge
or a carousel horse…

My artwork is an integration of freely expressing color and form in conjunction with interior design principles; color, visual balance, focal point, the rhythm of movement, scale, proportion and details.  It is this dichotomy of unbridled creativity coupled with formal design technique that inspires me to paint and create art.  Inspiration is where someone chooses to look and be touched by what they see.

My passion for color and how greatly it impacts the senses is a primary element in my paintings.  I believe that the use of color, whether bold, subdued, or black and white speaks to people directly and honestly.  Color or lack of color, is powerful and emotional.

My paintings incorporate the use of mediums and other collected materials.  My use of natural materials such as stones, rocks, shells, and metal enables me to include organic elements and add complexity, interest and character to my work.

It gives me great pleasure to create original paintings for my interior design clients and positively impact their spaces.