How to Re-purpose a Shipping Container and Stop Renting a Storage Unit

Recently, we acquired an old 20’ shipping container from a wholesaler in Miami, FL. The container came with some minor dents and structural damage from its previous function.  Needless to say, it needed some work before we could use it for storage on our property.

Before 3


Before 2

The repurposing began with repairing the structural damage and creating a watertight seal around the entire container. Vents were added to the top to produce airflow for natural ventilation. The outside was then painted a cream color so as not to absorb heat from the sun, but also not to reflect too much light. This container was repurposed with concern for sustainability, as that is our mindset at Golden Spiral.

outsideDoors Open

Next, we had the interior cleaned and re-painted white so as not to create any extra heat inside the unit. The original wood plank flooring was kept in place.


The container, who we have fondly named Shelly because of her propensity for harmony with nature, is now nestled under a tree on our property in Boca Raton, FL. The entire project, including delivery, from start to finish cost only $1,450 and we no longer have the need to rent an air conditioned storage unit on a monthly basis.