Our Firm

Our Mission Statement

Golden Spiral Design is a welcoming, client-focused, collaborative interior design and architecture firm with sustainable design expertise. Our mission is to provide unique innovative design, enhance our client’s vision, and remain on budget, while managing the design process in its entirety. Interior design has the power to improve lives each and every day both locally and globally. We believe design at its very core is about helping people.

Golden Spiral Design

Golden Spiral Design is an Interior Design and Architecture firm located in Boca Raton, Florida. We are dedicated to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction.  We strive to achieve an inclusive, participatory collaboration in which we work together to produce successful projects. We value the richness and clarity that comes from collaborative relationships. Whether your project is small or large, new construction or a renovation; you will face many challenges. Let Golden Spiral assist you by providing the experience, creative and technical expertise and resources necessary to successfully complete your next project.

Why the name Golden Spiral?

The name Golden Spiral is inspired by the naturally formed spiral shell. The shell’s creation follows a sequence of proportions that reflect nature’s mathematical ratios. These patterns have been viewed by artists and architects through the ages as beauty and balance found in both nature and man. The Golden Ratio is used to describe aesthetically pleasing proportions whether it is a work of art, architecture, or in nature.  We integrate the concept of nature’s innate beauty combined with man’s interpretation and knowledge in our designs, services, and products.

“The chambered nautilus shell grows in a spiral so that as the creature inside grows; it always has a comfortable environment.”

In his poem, “The Chambered Nautilus”, Oliver Wendell Holmes compares the spirals of the chambered nautilus to our human souls, which as we grow older, ought to grow stronger and wiser.