Our Firm

Golden Spiral Design is committed to sustainable design. We strive to incorporate the principles of sustainable design in all of our projects and encourage our client’s participation. Promoting sustainability isn’t a marketing angle or being a smart business decision, it is a critical mind set as responsible members of the greater global community.

Our sustainable solutions seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and promote the health and comfort of the building occupants, while improving the building performance. Utilizing a sustainable design philosophy encourages decisions at each phase of the design process that will reduce negative impacts without compromising the bottom line. It is an integrated approach that encourages compromises and tradeoffs that will positively impact all phases of a buildings life cycle, including design, construction, retrofitting, operation and decommissioning.

Golden Spiral Design is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) including the S. Florida Chapter. Our team includes LEED AP’s as well as specialists in Environmental Design.